Oracular Readings

The reading of Tarot cards has been taking place for centuries. It is a divination tool to receive advice. The Tarot contains archetypal images and language to reveal aspects of our psyche. The symbols found in the Tarot help us transcend our own thinking mind and connect with the collective conscious. During a Tarot reading, we may receive information regarding an issue or a question that we have. The advice from the cards will not foretell the future, but will certainly provide a road map on our journey.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Cathy Basen, Astrologer and Intuitive Advisor

I have been a life-long educator who has served as a teacher, principal, and public school administrator. This experience has helped me to gain strong interpersonal skills with an innate ability to recognize the skills and talents of people. Blessed from childhood with natural intuitive gifts, I have this amazing insight into the soul needs of people who grace my life. This serves me as an astrologer and intuitive advisor.