September 2016 Eclipses

This is a powerful month when it comes to celestial energies. My message this month is extensive and thus, I ask you to read thoroughly. In August, our consciousness opened to new forms of thinking and being.  Now, in September we take another step towards creating a world that supports our dreams and aspirations.  The Sun is in Virgo at the start of September. This astrological sign promotes an earth-bound discernment and critical eye to our world. Mercury rules Virgo and is an archetype dealing with the world of ideas and conveying thought through communication.

Virgo is able to sort through ambiguity to arrive at clarity. This is the amazing skill that strong Virgo personas possess. They have a critical eye and can communicate complex- abstract ideas into neat and precise order.

Thus, we come to the September 1st Virgo Solar Eclipse. This is a significant event for all of us as we are going to be able to download more cosmic information into our psyches.  A solar eclipse is a time when the Moon and Sun are aligned in the same sign, exact degrees. Thus the Moon can block out the Sun’s solar radiation. On September 1, 1997, there was a solar eclipse in the same degrees.  Ask yourself – What was important to you back then? What needs to change in your life now?

This Solar Eclipse can bring clarity to you regarding what actions you may need to begin or to start in your life to meet your aspirations. Where Virgo shows up in your chart provides a clue. For example, I have Virgo in Mars in my fifth house of creativity. (Mars is our assertion and our “will” to prompt and move us into action in the world). Thus, one of my aspirations is to be out in the world on a bigger stage working with people as a new thought leader. My intention for this “new start” at this solar eclipse is to create action steps to use new forms of communication to convey my ideas. Yes, most of my lens in this arena would be through astrology and interpreting the archetypal cosmos we live in to provide a new lens and perception. 

Mars is currently in Sagittarius, out of its retrograde period and ready to start a new adventure.  What will be your new action in the world?

September 1st - New Beginnings with a Solar Eclipse in Virgo
The following concepts are the energy of any New Moon in Virgo, with this being an eclipse, a stronger energy is initiated to cast out the old and start new steps in those issues that concern Virgo:

- Ability to start new patterns and new regimens.
- Time to initiate those critical habits that support positive health.
- Reevaluating day-to-day routines to bring in better results for your work.
- Comparing your status to others in order to assess your own place in the world.
- Figuring out new ways to communicate that improve your connections with others.

State your intentions near this event to focus your energy. This is a time when we all can recreate our identities from an ego-focus, to an eco-focus (meaning that we are concerned with our individual impact on the well-being of our communities).

REMEMBER: A New Moon Solar Eclipse blocks out the Sun so that we can access the Moon’s message of healing and greater self-awareness.  

September 15th – 16th Pisces Total Lunar Eclipse

The Virgo Solar Eclipse set in motion new beginnings, now two weeks later we see some of the results of this effort.  Many of us could have started a new chapter and established some new action steps on September 1st to accomplish new goals.

The Pisces Lunar Eclipse may serve to reveal where we are on our new path, particularly for those who initiated changes in the last weeks.  Perhaps more important, this Lunar Eclipse may bring up issues of wounding in our lives, and on a greater level reveal the wounding of the human spirit.  I have mentioned for the last couple of years, that we are entering a new age of healing:  A Spiritual Reformation.  External authority has tamped down and dominated the human spirit.  Over the last many centuries, these external forces have oppressed and in some case destroyed people who question religious and governmental authority. Think of indigenous cultures, the witches of Salem, the racial discrimination, and the persecution of particular groups of people such as the Jews to understand this oppression and destruction in the world.

Now it is time to heal these conditions!

This Pisces Lunar Eclipse as aligned with Chiron in Pisces is illuminating where we have been wounded as individuals and can also reveal the wounding of humanity. The Solar Eclipse may help us with shifts in our self-perception, but the Lunar Eclipse will activate our deeper soul yearnings and bring up a conscious awareness and illumination through our emotions.  Full Moon and Lunar Eclipses typically bring our emotions to the surface.  This event is no exception. This Eclipse on September 15th-16th will help to heal the disconnect between spirit and matter, masculine and feminine, and head and heart.

Chiron in Pisces, Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius are other planetary movements that accompany this eclipse in a profound way.  It is pointing to a critical issue facing humanity at this time:  We need to EXPAND our view of reality from duality to unity, from living in fear and isolation to living in the greater truth of love and interconnection.

Thus, the question for you and the rest of humanity at this time:  How can you heal from your own wounding and then take steps to heal others?  How can you live in your spiritual truth and reintegrate your soul needs into your life’s work?  Seriously, whether you are a CEO of your own company, or are driving for UBER, your life is important and has purpose.  And, at this time, you have the opportunity to experience significant healing at this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse.

Because of the earth-bound Virgo energy opposite the spiritual Pisces energy it is important to bring balance into your life.  Be good to your body, specifically the days before and following this Lunar Eclipse.  Drink plenty of water and eat fresh organic foods.  It is highly advisable to not imbibe in any controlled substances.  You could experience (energetically speaking) a powerful emotional release.  This could bring about a “Leap of Faith” allowing you to leave your past behind and work toward a new way of being.

Your emotions can serve as a vehicle to help your change and move into new patterns of behavior. If you need to walk away from a person, place, pattern, or work – then DO IT!  Remember our emotions are communications from our multi-dimensional self. Listen to the messages that come to you from your intuition during this powerful celestial event.

Special Note:  Mercury in retrograde in Virgo started August 30 and will station direct on September 21.  This means that the two eclipse events will have you reviewing, recalling, reintegrating memories, ideas, and action steps to be brought into clearer focus by the end of the month.  This month brings opportunities to make major moves toward a new direction in your life, and to take actions that could serve and benefit your true self.

For all of us, stay focused, be responsible, and stay in the present (here and now) during this energetic month of eclipses. Virgo energy allows us to heal, so this is a good time to work with healers, shamans, psychologists, etc. Do not try to escape through drugs, alcohol, too much TV watching, over-eating….. DO NOT GO INTO Denial about your life’s circumstances. The energy now is helping you to examine your life and to bring out the best parts of who you are. Stay in your truth. Be authentic. The rest will fall into place.


Cathy Basen

For most of my adult life, I have worked as an educator. Now, semi-retired from public school administration, I work part time as an education consultant.  However, my passion for decades has been my work as a professional astrologer and intuitive advisor.  My love for dialoguing soul-to-soul with people has rewarded me with amazing conversations and discourse.  I feel I have supported countless persons over the years by interpreting their astrology natal chart and also, reading Tarot cards as both serve as tools and methods to provide deep insights into the soul.