December 2018 Winter Report

Night stars! Invisible forces guide us.

Night stars! Invisible forces guide us.

My thoughts on the state of our world:

For decades, I have utilized celestial events to provide a roadmap to traversing my reality.  Lately, I have found that having a map to the 3-D reality was not the only guide I needed.  I feel as if I need to come at this explanation or description via an alternative consciousness.

As has been discussed in several newsletters over the years, one theme has emerged:  The times, they are a change’in.  We may need a new lexicon to converse with each other, to be able to explain events in our worlds, and to explain what we are experiencing in our hearts and minds.  But first, I may have to clarify who the “We” we are in this inclusive language. 

 “We” includes you and me: we people who can identify with our spiritual selves, who revere nature, and seem to have a strong empathy and sensitivity to the plight of others’ suffering.  I find many in our “We” group to be intuitive, musical, artistic, and compassionate.  Some of us suffer from illnesses that seem to be difficult to diagnose or if not, illnesses which fit under the Auto-Immune Disorders category that have few solid healing remedies.  Also, there are those of us who have self-medicated through food, drugs, and alcohol to get past discomfort and pain. Yes: often this is the pain of the psyche, not just physical health issues.

 “We” have developed (or better said) are starting to develop a unique consensual reality, a collective consciousness, which at times is in direct contrast to other people in our everyday communities. (Please note: I am not dismissing people who do not feel like kindred souls, I am simply stating that I have difficulties at times relating and conversing with some people.) These “others” seem unable to respond in compassionate ways to the hardships of others or act like zombies.  Yet, “We” are part of the human experience and actually, we can find that we have something in common with every person. So, let us stop with the discussion of differences at this time.

 The bottom line with the reality I am describing is this:  all of humanity is going through a rebirth. Let’s call it Renaissance 2.0We are all awakening, even if some folks seem to be sleepwalking.  There is an energetic change and as a result, a change of perception. This new or evolving consciousness could be described as a Unity consciousness. This perception of unity with all things has been forming since the dawn of humankind.  This paradigm shows up in mystical and spiritual wisdom teaching. However, most of us experience our everyday reality as one of Duality. Yes, events in our lives reinforce this view and we experience the 3-D world on all levels of our lives from the global stage to our local neighborhoods.

The human experience is embedded in duality from our first breath to our last. Yet, it is our experience with our spirituality that offers us the sense of unity and transcendence. In my lifetime I have seen more and more people embracing new thought teachings, meditation practices, mindfulness, astrology, shamanism, past lives investigation, and the list continues.    Perhaps this awakening is happening to assuage our feelings of despair and disgust with people and events in our native countries and around the globe. I believe so. 

The issues that seem to show up as catastrophic or extreme fit into the struggle with duality and our 3-D reality.  I have contemplated these and have tried to fit them into a continuum that expresses a concept or various themes that have shown up in our political, social, and economic structures and systems. Here are some suggested themes to frame within an astrological lens (the astrology part to follow):

  • Tribalism and nationalism versus collaborative global unity

  • Reactionary political movements versus progressive beliefs and actions

  • Consumerism and greed versus desire for social-economic parity

  • Patriarchy and corporate-dominated politics versus democratic equity and freedom.

Warning: I just may be describing a dark time. In the United States, the negative shadow issues of racism, white nationalism, discrimination, voter suppression, violent shootings, serious income inequality, and lack of current government concern for a healthy environment seem to overshadow the rise of social justice, rise of feminism, rise of human dignity, and yes rise of consciousness that we are all in this human dilemma together.  Sigh.

 I do not state that astrological events have caused this.  No way.  I do not support a deterministic lens on the world.  Instead, I would state that the purpose of this message is to explain everything as a synergistic interaction with cosmic events and energy.  Here goes: 

  • Retrogrades, Reactionary movement?

 Since this summer, there has been a great deal of retrograde planetary action.  The most pronounced was Mars retrograde in Aquarius.  Normally Mars spends weeks in one sign, not a span of several months. The major period of this particular retrograde was during the summer, where at one point there were a number of planets in retrograde. It was a very frustrating time of low energy, or some volatile and tense times.  I truly believe the end result of this period with Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and yes, Pluto were retrograde.  By the equinox in September, we had a release of some of this retrograde energy, except for Venus which brought our relationships into close examination. When Venus was retrograde it had many of us looking at the shadow pieces of our relationships, be it personal, business, and/or otherwise (meaning that Venus retrograde in Scorpio could have had us looking within our own psyche at our shadow pieces). 

 At the time of Venus retrograde I experienced a flurry of people contacting me to do readings centering around their relationships. The main issue that seemed to envelop these clients (maybe you were one of them?) was how to understand why their business or personal partnerships were toxic or debilitating. Most of the time, I was validating the worthiness of my client who was generally giving and empathic who was dealing with the negative projections of the “other”.  Yes, the psychological issue of dealing with the projections of others and seeing those shadow pieces had many of us examining our lives.

Also, these retrograde periods seemingly developed a fear-based mentality.  Again, I noticed groups of people from various parts of our social, political, and economic framework connecting to a particular mentality.  Several notable folks have branded this perceptual agreement as choosing to identify with a particular Reality TunnelThis group think is consensual. And we all live in a particular reality or space. Yet, there are those people within a reality bubble who do not willingly challenge their perception or choose to perceive things differently regardless of facts that are brought to them.  Thus, we see groups of people who identify with a particular political party or movement based on their consensual agreement. 

Fears are perpetuated and reinforced in a closed-off reality.  Maybe some of these fears comes from a loss of power or from a sense of lack. But these fears can be based on consensus thinking. People who feel they are part of a particular group sustain a particular lens. It appears to me that there are a variety of groups within our societies be they religious, social, or political that seem to have created a strong resistance to change and a consequent thrust to return to the secure times in the past (whether this was true or not).  Hence, my observation is that there seems to be a reactionary movement across the world.  Think of the rise of nationalism, isolationism, fascism, and militarism, and you get my point.

  • Other Astrological Events:  Eclipses – A Shifting Paradigm?

Eclipses are truly karmic adjustments to patterns in the human experience.  For a few years, eclipses have occurred on the Leo/Aquarius axis. This series, which started back on February 10, 2017, has been largely responsible for the huge awakening of social justice and activism— as well as for the preening and ego-driven politicians who are pushing party lines instead of representing their constituents. From rallies to protests to demands for policy reform, the eclipses in #woke Aquarius, the sign of groups and humanitarian issues, have revealed the extremes of what can happen when people gather around a common agenda. The strongest of this eclipse cycle was the New Moon Solar Eclipse in LEO on August 17, 2017.  Many North Americans remember this event.  It brought in a dynamic energy that was palpable to those who experienced the total eclipse. Now the final eclipse—a total lunar eclipse and supermoon—will land again in regal Leo in January 2019 giving us one last chance to find our inner sense of dignified authority, and to express it in the world in whatever way, large or small, this feels appropriate.

We are in the age of Aquarius.  What this means for all of us is that our human existence is changing and our lens of perception is shifting to a global consciousness.  We are awakening to a new order:  we will feel connected and inter-connected to all of humanity.  This is the process that is occurring, and while it may not be readily apparent, it is happening none-the-less.

  • Neptune in Pisces- Spiritual Reformation (with Jupiter in Sagittarius helping to shift our beliefs to a higher consciousness).

 Jupiter-Neptune Trine in 2018: Global healing and compassion.

Could peace finally come to our world—at least, in some small way? An awakening of higher consciousness and compassion might have developed, when cross-cultural ambassador Jupiter unites in a languorous and harmonious trine (120-degree angle) with soul-stirring Neptune in May of 2018. The duo traveled through emotional and receptive water signs (Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces) most of the year, opening our hearts.

The exact trine was in close contact from May until August. This rare and unifying cycle reminded us that, while we may be “divided” by cultures and nations, we are all one. By the end of 2018, we experience Jupiter returning to its native sign of Jupiter.  Hooray!!  Sagittarius is the archetype of the seeker and philosopher.  Our beliefs and ideals are born within this energy.  I

It is my own belief that all of us will rise to a higher consciousness and revamp our beliefs while Jupiter is in its native sign, and Neptune (the ethereal, other-worldly planet) is also in its native sign.  The collective consciousness is bringing us to a new spiritual existence.  Hence, my sense that many people who are naturally empaths and sensitive to energy will expand their perceptions and shift from a victim mentality to an empowered force due to understanding themselves as part of a loving unity consciousness.

  • Will patriarchy win...or crumble? (thought from “Astro Twins” forecast for 2019)

Capricorn has had a direct effect on this aspect.  Capricorn rules institutions, patriarchal society, men, government, big business, fathers and hierarchies. In other words, a lot of the “old school” stuff that people have been working tirelessly to reform and change over the past couple years.

It’s been both painful and fascinating to watch. Last year, feminist reporter Hannah Rosin’s book The End of Men tackles a new vision for the world where gender equality seeps into these outdated systems and institutions. The binary structure of us versus them, winners and losers, male versus female, haves and have nots, now seems hopelessly out of date. With the #MeToo, #TimesUp and #BlackLivesMatter movements accompanying a surge of social activism, feminism, transgender rights, and more—it’s clear that we need to make this world work for more than just a privileged few. Yet, a rise in right-wing nationalism reveals that many people feel threatened by this vision and will go to extremes to resist a much-needed change.

Pluto the transformational planetary force has been in Capricorn for a good seven years. As I have mentioned before, Pluto serves as the archetype of the Hindu God, Shiva, the destroyer and creator.  Pluto destroys what does not serve our highest good, and creates in the void, a new higher consciousness.  Along with Pluto, last year Saturn, the planet that is the archetype of the Lord of Karma, also entered its native sign of Capricorn. But in 2019, resistance may be futile. Serious forces of change will be shaking these once solid foundations, even causing some of them to crumble. Structured Saturn and transformational Pluto will both spend all year in Capricorn.

Thus, I believe there is reason for hope that a new world is evolving.  We may be feeling as if we are trapped within darkness, but LIGHT is coming through in miraculous ways.  I know that former President HW Bush, #41, talked about the various points of light.  For him, it may have represented people who could bring positive change.  I think my version is that “We” are becoming Light Beings.  We are choosing light via the LOVE we bring, Not FEAR. 

My advice: find pockets of joy where-ever you are.  Yes… for all of us, fear comes up.  But, stay positive and choose love!  Remain HOPEFUL!!  “Hope is the rainbow over the cascading stream of life” (Nietzche, fragment)

Let’s greet the New Year 2019 with more hope, than fear. Love rules!! Cathy


Cathy Basen

For most of my adult life, I have worked as an educator. Now, semi-retired from public school administration, I work part time as an education consultant.  However, my passion for decades has been my work as a professional astrologer and intuitive advisor.  My love for dialoguing soul-to-soul with people has rewarded me with amazing conversations and discourse.  I feel I have supported countless persons over the years by interpreting their astrology natal chart and also, reading Tarot cards as both serve as tools and methods to provide deep insights into the soul.