2016 May Astrology Events

The month of May starts with five, yes FIVE, planets in retrograde.  Thus, we are in an unusual time with astrological energies. This means that our energies and attention may be involved with more than the usual reflection, reorganization, reconfiguring, and general REVIEW of our lives. Fortunately, the current energy of the Sun in Taurus, prompts a “stop–and-smell-the-roses” approach to life.  Taurus is a sensual earth sign that is ruled by relationship-oriented Venus.  Earthy pleasures can be the preoccupation now, and this is not a bad idea when so many planets are in a backwards motion in relationship to our Earth’s rotation around the Sun.
In my April newsletter, I went into detail about the various planets in retrograde, with Mars being the most significant.  Why is Mars so significant?  This fiery planet goes in retrograde motion only every two years, so when it does, it really seems as if our push forward with our actions are stymied.  Mars is in retrograde until the end of June. Mars retrograde starts in Sagittarius, and then goes back to Scorpio.  For those of you with prominent Sag or Scorpio in your chart, you will feel this strongly.  For example, I have Jupiter in Sagittarius in my 8th house and Moon in Scorpio in my 7th house.  What Mars retrograde could bring up for me is a review of my finances as it relates to others.  This is one aspect of the 8th house, in that it is about your financial resources as obtained from others.  I am currently in contract negotiations with a principal I have been consulting with for the last nine years.  While I will not sign any contract until Mercury in retrograde is over, I will be reviewing my standing with this school and organization in order to improve my financial agreements and my work commitments for the next school year.  This Mars retrograde also will put a focus on my relationships with my Moon in Scorpio in the 7th house.  I will be reviewing my partnerships and relationships to bring a deeper understanding (Scorpio) of my soul connections with significant persons in my life.  Even the principal I mentioned above: I will need to investigate his motivations and my own investment to this work to come to a plan of action.
For all of us, we need to use this month and next while Mars is in retrograde to take stock of our lives and come up with a two-year plan of action that can be initiated after July 1st.  For me, my plan may be to come up with action steps to once again “retire” from this school consulting work to look at other things I can do such as a travel the world, live closer to my children and grandchildren, and do more volunteering in the community.
I recently posted a section on all the retrograde planets on my Facebook page.  I used astrologer Madeline Gerwick’s advice to summarize this unusual astrological energy.  She states:               
We're in a relatively unusual period of time with five planets retrograde (apparently moving backwards) at the same time (Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto and now, Mercury). So things are SLOW now, particularly right now while Mercury is stopped to "turn around and move backwards." (Note: Mercury went into retrograde on April 28th).
What's the message the Universe is sending us? It's time to rethink a LOT of things, such as
    1. What do you want to do for the next two years (Mars retro)?
    2. What do you want to publish or how do you want to promote products? Also reconsider legal or health issues (Jupiter retro)
    3. What structures or processes will work better than the ones you're now using (Saturn retro)?
    4. What's the appropriate use of power? How can you transform and better use your power to serve others (Pluto retro)?
    5. Catch up with all this rethinking! (Mercury retro) Don't you have enough to rethink already?

With all this backward motion, what can you safely DO? For starters, it's spring, so do some spring-cleaning. Clean out the file cabinets, bookshelves, closets, garage, cupboards and any storage units. Donate or sell whatever you don't use or LOVE. If an item brings you joy, or you use it regularly, keep it. Otherwise it's for someone else now. As you clean things out, you'll make room for new things in your life and business, and there won't be room for the new unless you do this.
Celestial Events
Taurus New Moon – May 6th.  Everything seems to be expressing Taurus energy. This may be due to so many celestial bodies touring through Taurus (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, and asteroid Vesta).  This is a Super Moon bringing up issues relating to Taurus.  One thing that may come to our attention is to be clear on what we truly value in life.  With so many planets in retrograde, we may be able to sort out our priorities and pledge to live our lives in accordance with our values.  This is truly about valuing who we are as well.  New Moons allows us to set new intentions. While it is recommended to hold off on initiating new actions steps, we may find “value” in establishing our clarity on this.

Jupiter stations direct in Virgo – May 9th.  Jupiter may be turning direct, but is still in its shadow phase until it returns to same degrees in Virgo when it started its retrograde. This means that until August 7th, we still can review where we want to grow and to analyze what has been holding us back.  Jupiter still maintains a T-square connection with Saturn and Neptune thus allowing us to help us see where we have misunderstood or misjudged ourselves.

Sagittarius Full Moon – May 21st.  Shortly after the Sun enters Gemini on May 20th, we experience this powerful full moon.  Full Moons illuminate the polarities that come up in our existence, with Gemini dealing with information and ideas, and Sagittarius dealing with the philosophical interpretation of these ideas.  This celestial event helps us to crystallize our truth.  What I mean by this statement is that the illumination from this Full Moon helps us to perceive our Truth. It is important to truly understand oneself through one’s unique lens in life.  We all perceive reality based on our cultural, gender, and age biases. This Full Moon reminds us to keep investigating and clarifying one’s perceptions.  It is important to question our reality and to be curious about the reason for our own existence.

Mercury stations direct – May 22ndMercury in Taurus now slows its retrograde motion and stations direct to go forward.  Time to consider how things are clearer now and what is important to us.  However, still be careful about communications and signing important legal documents until the end of June when the shadow period has ended.

Cathy Basen

For most of my adult life, I have worked as an educator. Now, semi-retired from public school administration, I work part time as an education consultant.  However, my passion for decades has been my work as a professional astrologer and intuitive advisor.  My love for dialoguing soul-to-soul with people has rewarded me with amazing conversations and discourse.  I feel I have supported countless persons over the years by interpreting their astrology natal chart and also, reading Tarot cards as both serve as tools and methods to provide deep insights into the soul.