2016 June Astrology News

“You write your life story by the choices you make.” ― Helen Mirren
We are all living a personal story, and every story has ups and downs, low points and high points. But what’s important is the theme that structures and guides our story. When your story has positive, life-supporting themes, you have found the key to transformation. Changing your theme is more effective than trying to fix yourself one issue at a time. The most positive themes include lightness, worthiness, self-acceptance, evolution, and love. Your theme should be aimed at making you feel good every day. It should open new possibilities. It should give you optimism that you are being renewed. (Deepak Chopra)

 Welcome to the June astrology newsletter!  The reference above will guide the astrology news this month, as we make note that we are in the thick of Gemini magic these days.  Actually, Gemini energy is hardly thick, but instead light and airy.  The sign of Gemini is ruled by the planet, Mercury, which evokes the archetype of an entrancing “Communicator”.   A person with strong Gemini energy in his or her chart often possesses great persuasive powers and the ability to connect ideas to clear language. Think about JFK and Marilyn Monroe as charismatic and persuasive personas.  As Gemini Suns, they were able to enchant many a soul.  Personally, I was convinced that JFK could change the world to a modern-day Camelot.
This leads to the passage above, about creating one’s story in life.  Storytelling can create magic and transport us to greater awareness of a higher consciousness.  Every natal astrology chart tells a story and contains a theme.  For example, the person who has strong Saturn aspects in his or her chart may find a life story of taking on major responsibilities in life, often having to set aside personal desires.  While another person may find the theme of eternal optimism with every turn due to the influence of a strong Jupiter positioned in their chart.  Obviously, the planets in one’s chart do not predestined one for a particular life path as we can choose how we respond with each step and choice along the way.  But, certain energies that exist at the time we are born will lend a hand in how we may co-create our lives.  Whether we are aware of this or not, we all do a sacred dance with the cosmos.
This month there is a major configuration in the sky:  A Mutable Grand Cross.  Several planets are opposed and also at hard angles to each other --- all contributing to tension, conflict, unease, and confusion.  Yet, this astrological event can summon up our resolve to restart or revitalize a positive Theme in our lives.  For example, if we have been struggling with a dwindling income stream, we might want to choose a theme of ABUNDANCE, and think of how abundance and wealth is ever present in our current reality.  Making that distinction turns off the negative power that attracts an existence of poverty to those of us who know that life is rich and rewarding.  As is shared in the Science of Mind teachings by Ernest Holmes, a new thought leader in the early 20th century: “Thoughts are things”.  What we think of and dwell upon in our minds shows up in our surrounding environment.

Since four major planets (and other celestial bodies) are showing up in Mutable Signs at this time, we need to think of how this energy affects us.  Mutable energy is experienced as free flowing, adaptable, and flexible. Mutable energy seeks connections.  It exists in the signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.   Eric Francis speaks to this Grand Cross and its influence on our lives:
This week, there's quite an exciting development: during the Gemini New Moon, which happens Saturday, June 4 (the 5th in the U.K. and Europe), we will have an event known as a mutable grand cross. This means that planets will be present at around the same degrees in each of the mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. The mutable grand cross might be a mentally challenging aspect. Most of it is well in place now, by the way -- it's merely being emphasized by the New Moon.

The challenges this pattern seems to present are mostly on the level of the mind. Remember that this aspect describes the environment, which will influence everyone. How you tap into or relate with your surroundings is your choice. Mainly, "environment" means your fellow people, but also the thought waves conducted through the collective mind, even if we're talking about your office mates, your housemates or your drinking mates. However, the power of choice is moderated by past conditioning. To the extent that you can free yourself from tendencies that limit your flexibility to choose, you will free yourself in general. The idea is to respond to what is actually happening rather than what your previous scripts misinform you is happening.
This is also known as stopping and thinking, something different from emotionally reacting. In fact it's so different it might seem totally weird, when your conscious, reasoning human mind comes to life and says, so what's happening here? Beware of the battle of words, much ado about nothing and not really believing in what you might argue for. That's when to pause and do something like stop speaking and listen, and find something more productive or entertaining to do.
This New Moon could come with some drama, but if that's true, it's time for you to become a playwright. I love that word, because the "wright" part means to construct or build, though it's also a pun on write. Our forthcoming grand cross New Moon in Gemini is an ideal opportunity to step from the role of actor in your own drama to author of the text. This is the big leap that anyone seeking growth is really longing for. I realize this often gets cloaked in wanting a 'higher power' to come in, though your higher power is the fully sentient, connected-to-spirit aspect of you that understands this whole setup perfectly well.
Thus, the celestial bodies are currently in position to create an atmosphere where you can reflect and if this important to you, reinvent your life “Theme” and story. I know for me, I can get into a rut or find myself in old stories that may speak to my perceived past failures.  Revamping how I look at myself through a positive lens, and yes, value myself, allows me to co-create a positive new “Theme” to my life.  Of course, I am not saying we should go into denial about our past negative behavior or hurtful actions, but to take stock of all our choices and perhaps flip the switch to a new way to respond to the world.  I choose to respond to my world as empowered over being a victim, being proactive instead of reactive, and more than any other response, to be Loving and Accepting.
Celestial Events
Gemini New Moon – June 4th 7:59 p.m. PDT, June 5th 2:59 a.m. GMT
This New Moon allows us to formulate and to think about new beginnings and fresh starts.  This astrological event is one of the most important of the year.  Why?  This is due to the existence of the Mutable Grand Cross in the sky as described in the above section.  There is a strong tension between Jupiter in Virgo, opposite Neptune in Pisces, and at a hard angle to Saturn in Sagittarius.  Oppositions between planets require reconciliation of two polarizing areas, while “squares” will signify turning points.  The Gemini Sun and Moon help to clarify our thinking and to illuminate the conflicts and difficulties that may exist in our lives right now.  With that knowledge, we initiate the healing process.  This is helped with the other three planets in this "cross" configuration.  For example, Saturn, as the pivotal planet in this mutable cross, urges us to be our own authority and not to give our power away to others.  With Saturn in opposition to Neptune, we may feel pulled to see a larger picture of our lives to understand our existence, particularly one that is steeped in unconditional love. Finally, Jupiter, the planet of optimism and growth, works in Virgo to elevate us from old fears of not being worthy or good enough toward recognizing the universe’s abundance and wish for us to make a life, not just a living.(Stephanie Austin)
Sagittarius Full Moon – June 20th 4:02 a.m. PDT, 11:02 a.m. GMT
A rarity in the astrological world is a Full Moon that happens in the same configuration from one month to the next.  May’s Full Moon was in very early Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Moon.  Now in June, we find another Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon, but in later degrees (at the end of Gemini). Within hours of this Full Moon, the Sun enters Cancer.
What is the message of this Sagittarius Full Moon? With the Sun and Moon in 29 degrees, this is a closing phase, one pertaining to our spirituality.  The call of this lunar event is to realize our highest potential.  Use the light of this Full Moon to see and to align with what is true for you now.  This is the elevated spirit of Sagittarius, to explore the TRUTH of our existence.  May you anchor your actions in your own truth.
Cancer Summer Solstice – June 20th (Northern Hemisphere) Sun Enters Cancer
The Grand Cross in Mutable planets/signs still is in effect.  Thus, the solstice point is truly a turning point for many of us.  The length of daylight following the summer solstice wan until the Capricorn (Winter) Solstice.  Both solstice points are turning points in the energy of our lives. The Sun entering Cancer signifies a return to our “roots”, Spend this day reflecting on your ancestry, family, home, and soul’s purpose.  What impact does this have on your life and current reality?
The general concepts of the celestial events for June has been described for your awareness and understanding.  However, there may be a need for a specific and personal reading that will provide further illumination on events and possibilities coming to you.

Cathy Basen

For most of my adult life, I have worked as an educator. Now, semi-retired from public school administration, I work part time as an education consultant.  However, my passion for decades has been my work as a professional astrologer and intuitive advisor.  My love for dialoguing soul-to-soul with people has rewarded me with amazing conversations and discourse.  I feel I have supported countless persons over the years by interpreting their astrology natal chart and also, reading Tarot cards as both serve as tools and methods to provide deep insights into the soul.