Full Moon and Solstice - June 20, 2016

In the book, Making the Gods Work For You, author and astrologer, Caroline Casey relates how astrology served the ancients as a philosophical exploration of the meaning and instruction of our worlds.  Today contemporary civilization has explained the stars and planets through an astronomer’s lens that is backed up with scientific data.  Yet, I find that scientific facts do not always provide an explanation of my actual existence and meaning in the world. Hence, I agree with Caroline Casey that the study or field of astrology “is a language of the dynamic interplay between our interior life and the exterior world”.  

Astrology brings to us a magical world. It helps to explain patterns in the invisible aspects of our lives.  Most of our reality is invisible: the air we breathe, the thoughts we think.  So why don’t we entertain the possibilities that there are god forces working through the celestial bodies?  That there is a mythology to the human story that comes from the cosmic dance we all do with the planets, the Moon, and the Sun.  Actually, we live in amazing times because the mystics and scientists now share that everything is connected and everything is in dynamic flux. According to physicist, David Bohm, reality “is a single unbroken wholeness in flowing movement.” Thus, for me, astrology provides a map of the realm of the invisible order in the universe.
Which brings me to the key reason for sharing this message today: We have two important astrological events coming up that can help us shift our energy and help support our intentions to bring in the new and the extraordinary.  We have an opportunity to go into a ritual that can allow us to transcend passive existence to become active agents in creating what we want to see and experience in our lives.  With ritual, we can take the reins of our desires, focus our thoughts with clear intentions, and step into a lovely cosmic dance of reciprocity.  (As above, so below).
Full Moon in Sagittarius June 20th @ 7:02 a.m. EDT, 4:02 a.m. PDT, 11:02 a.m. GMT.
As I have stated in my June newsletter and blog, this is the second of two Sagittarius Full Moons.  The first happened in May, now we experience the second one.  Yet this Full Moon has deeper significance because it is occurring in the last degrees of this sign as it is opposite the Gemini Sun in the exact same degrees. When any celestial body enters the last degree of the sign (before it transitions to the next sign) it brings the energy of completion and finality.  Thus, for all of us, this Full Moon marks a turning point denoting a completion of one aspect of our lives then a transition to a potential new phase.
The sign of Gemini deals with perception and Sagittarius with concepts and convictions.  This is a perfect time to look at your life and see what patterns, persons, or beliefs you are holding onto that do not support your highest expression.  In other words, it is an opportunity for you to step away, disconnect, and/or disassociate with those parts of your life that have not served you.
Summer/Winter Solstice June 20th @ 6:34 p.m. EDT, 3:34 PDT.  Whether you are celebrating the start of summer or the official start of winter (for my dear friends in Australia) the solstices are energetic gateways for the time surrounding this event. There is a reduction in the magnetic field of the Earth, allowing a greater flux of cosmic radiation to penetrate our atmosphere and also our psyche.  The Moon and Sun have shifted from Sagittarius to Capricorn and Gemini to Cancer.  This brings a whole new energetic force that is dynamic and action oriented. It is an ideal time to set new intentions and start new action steps.  Mars, which has been retrograde, will start to station direct by June 29th, therefore, providing the needed assistance to move us forward with new resolve.
My Plans for a Ritual
I teased you above with the notion that doing a ritual is a perfect method to do a dance with the cosmos.  And, because the two celestial events we are currently experiencing are so potent, I will share my plan to do some ritual around how I can let go of old patterns, relationships, and my actual thinking or beliefs that weigh down my life and prevent my soul’s evolution.
First, I will wait until evening (tonight actually) to be able to go outside to see the Full Moon. With all my rituals, I gather items that represent the four elements: air, water, earth, and fire.  Lighting a candle, bringing crystals, using feathers, and filling purified water into a crystal bowl, all these items can set the stage.  It usually helps me to write down my intentions for the ritual.  In my particular case, I want to symbolically “cut the cords” with particular persons in my life, and also eradicate habits or negative patterns.
Ritual: In order to bring attention to those “things” I want to let go from my life, I am using the symbol of a “cord” that I have created that binds me to situations or persons I no longer feel need to remain.  The reason I look to this issue of “cords” is due to listening to a recording with wise astrologer, Tosha Silver. She spoke to how we all develop or build invisible cords with people in our lives.  This is a natural occurrence when we realize the significant people we are tied to from spouses, lovers, business partners, and family. Sometimes, however, these relationships and the cords of attachment trap us into a pattern of behavior that limits our growth and our soul’s evolution. While these people may continue to exist in our lives, a ritual to cut the cords could free us to start a new pattern or journey in life.  For me, I will be cutting ribbons to represent these cords, and before I do the cutting, I will write on each ribbon the name of the person, or the pattern I want to let go.
The items mentioned above form an altar, and for me, I greet the four directions and establish a grounding cord to the Earth, and make a connection to the stars.  Incense and sage that is burnt helps to create the sacred space.  Sometimes, I will drum and/or use a rattle to drop out of my head and into my heart.  Then I simply do my ritual as I am guided to do.  At the end, I give thanks to my guides and to Spirit.
 If you are reading this message after June 20th, you may still use this ritual, as the energies will be with us for a while.  I wish you all the very best for a renewal and regeneration.  These are truly sacred times.


Cathy Basen

For most of my adult life, I have worked as an educator. Now, semi-retired from public school administration, I work part time as an education consultant.  However, my passion for decades has been my work as a professional astrologer and intuitive advisor.  My love for dialoguing soul-to-soul with people has rewarded me with amazing conversations and discourse.  I feel I have supported countless persons over the years by interpreting their astrology natal chart and also, reading Tarot cards as both serve as tools and methods to provide deep insights into the soul.