Astrological Trends for 2017



Happy Lunar New Year!

This astrology newsletter speaks to the astrological events of 2017.  As you read through this dense article, please read with your own personal lens, particularly as you notice the astrological descriptors that match your natal chart. Read not only for your Sun sign, but you Moon and your Rising. I post this with gratitude!!

Right now our turbulent times comes with healing opportunities. The January 21st Women’s March in D.C. that initiated marches and movements of solidarity around the world symbolizes the changing consciousness around the world. And, so begins a crazy, confusing, and chaotic time in history, one that may end in a more unifying consciousness.

Wow, so much is occurring that is significant, I do not know how to begin to bring you this picture of the astrological landscape these days. Shall I mention turbulent?  Well yes, and also, consciousness-raising.

The energy these days means that few of us can remain staid and comfortable in our personal lives as we are brought into an awareness and awakening into the worldly arena.  Our inter-connectedness is becoming almost visceral due to social and digital media.  Frankly, unless you live off the grid, in a cave, you cannot escape the times-they-are-a-changing energy, even if the times and movements seem scarily reactionary.

Thus, the way to look at the astrological landscape of 2017 is to describe the various conflicting energies that are about – as expressed through the various movements, crises, and behavior in our world this year.  I am conveying all of this via Themes that seem to emerge from the archetypal, astrological energies.

Upheaval and TurbulenceUranus, the energy of change and paradigm shifts, in warlike Aries, is at a tense angle to Pluto, destroyer, power broker, and transformer, in determined and strong Capricorn. The energetic signature of these turbulent times is the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square, which remains within 10º of orb until 2020. Whenever other planets link up with it, we are especially impelled to transform unsustainable and unsatisfying ways of living, working, and relating, as well as the underlying misperceptions which maintain them. Uranus is the archetype of freedom and innovation; Pluto represents the evolutionary imperative of death and rebirth. Together, they impel the purging of an old way of seeing and being, so that we can go to the next level. This cosmic combination urges us to take radical responsibility, reminding us that we are in the driver seat, that we have more power than we realize, and that with power comes responsibility.

From January 8, when Mercury turned direct, to February 6, when Jupiter takes its yearly turn retrograde, all of the planets are moving forward, adding to the impetus for us to move on, up, and out. Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto remain in a catalytic T-square from November 3, 2016 to September 26, 2017 (10º orb); as a reference, the last time this combination of expansive, liberating, and transformative energies were in a cardinal T-square was June 27, 2013 to June 15, 2014 (in Cancer-Aries-Capricorn).

This theme has been in effect since 2012, and has resulted in huge groups of people wanting to hold onto the status quo, the ways of the past, the structures that may only work for the privileged white people, in opposition with huge groups of people who want a world that works for all.  Bottom line:  we are seeing a striking divide, a polarity in thinking, within societies across the world, and no more striking and clear than in the United States. One group in the United States voted in Donald Trump as the President who promised a return to an America that describes a version of days long past. Disenfranchised Americans feared losing power and rallied around a non-political presidential candidate.  The other group is opposite from this reactionary stance, and speaks to (generally) a progressive stance. These are persons who want to continue the agenda of the 1960’s Civil Rights Act. These folks supported Bernie and yes, Hillary in the 2016 presidential campaign to maintain social, political, and political rights for all. This group was widely represented in the 1/21/17 Women’s March across the United States, and the world.

This energy will continue throughout 2017 and beyond.  On an individual level, it is greatly impacting those people with strong cardinal signs in their natal charts.  Thus, you Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn SUN, MOON, and Rising signs folks, you have been and will continue to experience huge changes and transformations in your life.  This started years ago, but really since 2012, you have been experiencing breakthroughs, breakdowns, and dynamic shifts, and most of all transformation in your thinking, in your relationships, and the actual structures (think family, career, and self-awareness) in your lives. Aries, your self-identity is shifting greatly. You are feeling the need to activate new expression in your life. Cancer, you are finding ways to break through old childhood issues and tension to recreate safety and security in your life. Libra: you have experienced huge relationship changes or challenges. These dynamics have taken and will continue to take center-stage in your life, but you are gaining traction on this. And last dear Capricorn, with Pluto moving slowly but profoundly through your “sign”, you find you are redefining what it is to be in your “power”.  There are times when your drive (your will) will allow for huge transformational leaps of faith.

For all of us: When we get to 2020, we will look back on the last eight years, and be amazed at the changes that exist in our lives.  One caveat, however:  if you fight the pressures to change and do not surrender to these forces, you may suffer loss in a variety of arenas. A helpful mantra is to state: “Change me, divine one, to be someone who can be true to my highest purpose and calling.”

Lost at Sea, Confusion and DissolutionNeptune, Chiron, and Venus in Pisces
At the same time, there is a cosmic convergence in Pisces: Venus, Mars, Pallas, the South Node, Chiron, and Neptune are all in the last sign of the zodiac, so it's not surprising to also feel adrift in a fog without a sail or rudder. Much is dissolving and shifting on inner levels, which takes time and energy. We are unraveling centuries of old programming, down to the cellular and DNA level, reconfiguring our bodies as well as our psyches. Pisces draws us out of our mind and into our heart; to listen for the promptings of our soul and follow our intuition.

Feeling spacey or forgetful are signs to do less and ‘be’ more. During accelerated times of growth, more rest, quiet, and solitude are required. Many of us are in a chrysalis phase; like a caterpillar going into a cocoon before it can become a butterfly, we too experience a period of dissolution. The more we slow down, trust, and surrender, the more gracefully the transformation occurs, and the sooner our wings appear.

Venus moves through Pisces once a year, Mars every two years, Pallas every four years, the Lunar Nodes every 19 years, Chiron every 50 years, and Neptune only once every 168 years. Having so many celestial bodies in the 12th sign gives us extraordinary support in releasing personal and collective conditioning. In cultures which are very mental and materialistic, this deeply spiritual process is not well understood nor supported.

The evolutionary intent of Pisces is Christ consciousness, where we realize our inherent divinity and unity; the shadow side of Pisces is denial and codependence, escapism and addiction. Take advantage of this spiritual tailwind by doing what feeds your heart and strengthens your soul connection. Meditate, contemplate, and be in nature as much as possible. The veils between dimensions are more easily parted and creativity is heightened as well; sing, dance, paint, do whatever brings you joy. Your angels, guides, and muses are on standby. Boundaries blur as Venus conjuncts Neptune on January 12. Healing happens with less effort as Mars conjoins Chiron on January 16 and Venus aligns with Chiron on January 24. Surf this inwardly rich wave while it lasts; more outward energy comes in toward the end of the month, as Mars moves into Aries on January 27 and Venus on February 3.

Again, on an individual and personal level, those with strong mutable signs in your chart, like Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Gemini, you are especially sensitive to the energetic forces at this time.  Persons with strong mutable energy are more susceptible to syncing up with external energies.  With Gemini and Virgo, you are captivated by news and ideas that is coming through all the forms of media these days.  Be careful to not bring this into your inner world as Thoughts influence your Emotions, which lead to your Actions.  If you absorb too much negative news, you will be tossed into an emotional abyss, and this will affect your physical being. Sagittarius, this Pisces energy is at a hard angle to your astrological frame, prompting you to adjust your belief systems, and even possibly helping you to recreate a new journey that takes you into a higher consciousness. Pisces: this can be such a difficult time, and also uplifting as well.  You are transcendent, and this makes it oh so stressful to live in the 3-D reality. Your ego is dissolving into the ecological landscape. You want to exist in another reality that takes you away from all the harshness.

For all of us:  This is a time (and I have mentioned this before) of profound spiritual reformation.  Our current time has echoes from the “Axial Age” of the 590s to 550 BCE with Uranus, Neptune, Pluto conjoined in the same sign. No time since then has involved the concert of all three transpersonal planets shifting and transforming the world consciousness. This past age brought forth the birth of many of the world’s principal religions and spiritual traditions. Now during this decade, we find similar transpersonal energy taking us into a multi-dimensional and unity-consciousness.  Shall we say altogether: OM?

Truth or Dare: Reality Check – Saturn in Sagittarius
Saturn, Capricorn's ruling planet, conjoins the asteroid Juno on January 10 at 23º Sagittarius, giving us a reality check on our desires and beliefs about relationships. What assumptions do we need to question? Where do we need to face a new truth? Saturn deals with forms of all kinds: roles and rules, responsibilities and boundaries. Juno, the goddess of marriage, calls us to reconsider our needs and commitments in partnerships. Her mythic struggles with Jupiter illustrate how balancing our inner masculine and feminine sides are necessary for harmony in relationships and peace in the world. Saturn and Juno last conjoined on September 17, 2011 (17º Libra); their next rendezvous will be March 28, 2022 at 22º Aquarius. Saturn and Juno trine Uranus, Eris, and Ceres in Aries, making it easier to think out of the box and come up with creative solutions.

The need to discern fiction from fact, opinion from truth intensifies as Saturn at 24º Sagittarius forms a waxing square with Mars at 24º Pisces on January 18. Their last conjunction was August 24, 2016 at 10º Sagittarius. January 16 Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Sagittarius, forms the first of three oppositions with Eris this year at 23º Libra-Aries, amplifying the cosmic message to rebalance the masculine and feminine; Jupiter and Eris last conjoined on June 4, 2011 at 27º Pisces.

These alignments remind us of the importance of keeping the big picture in mind, and constantly checking in with our internal truth-meter. It’s easy to get discouraged and frightened by mainstream media, which only reports a tiny fraction of what’s happening, and almost nothing about positive changes. How many of us heard that on July 11, 2016 more than 800,000 people planted 50 million trees in India on one day, as part of their commitment to the Paris Climate Change Accord? Read the article posted on National Geographic’s website here. Or that Science Bulletin reported new research shows acid pollution in the atmosphere is now almost back to the level that it was before it started in the 1930s? Or that the Pan African Parliament endorsed a continent-wide ban on female genital mutilation last June? Here are some good sources of news I've come across:

• Truth Out, a daily emailed newsletter with articles from alternative sources here. • Want To Know: articles and concise summaries of major cover-ups and corruption here. • Yes Magazine: covers social justice, sustainability, alternative economics, and peace here. • Daily Good: inspiring news articles and videos here.

When you hear or read disturbing news, instead of going into fear, go into love. Send your prayers to those who suffering and in need of support. Pray for those displaced by war to find refuge and peace. Pray for Trump to do what is best for all concerned. Pray for those in fear and hatred to have their hearts healed and minds opened.

Remember: “…you are among those who went to Earth to show the peoples that love is the pathway to peace, to joy, to prosperity, mutual respect and life in harmony with Nature. By living your light fearlessly and confidently, you radiate love to everyone around you, and it doesn’t stop there. Love energy is so powerful that it flows around the world, out into the universe and on to the cosmos. In the Oneness of All, everything everywhere affects everything else everywhere else, and the love-light you send forth brings it back in limitless measure—this is the unequalled vastness and power of love.”

The Great Awakening - 2017 Eclipses on the Leo/Aquarius Axis.
 Okay, so with all the turbulence in the world, we may want to escape to alternative realities. But, rather than being Asleep At the Wheel, why not keep your eyes wide open?  On January 20th, 2017 the Sun entered Aquarius, and we witnessed the inauguration of the 45th President. Well, frankly I did not witness it, but I paid attention to the significance of this event.  I personally believe that the extreme differences in the “essence” of Trump versus Obama, even Trump’s rivals in the presidential election, Hillary and Bernie brought to the collective consciousness how much polarity exists in the United States.  And, this polarity may even exist throughout the world within political, economic, and social structures and organizations.  Perhaps the election of Donald Trump opened up the portal of our consciousness to the stark reality that there is a huge disparity between haves and have-nots. Maybe the actions of the 45th president is sending out shock waves and waking up the citizens to act to protect rights that appear to be threatened.  Hence the amazing and powerful Women’s March in DC and the countless other marches for women’s rights and equal rights throughout the land, and the world.
Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian. This sign (as ruled by the planet Uranus) is the awakener, the futurist, and paradigm-shifter.  Right now, many of us are being challenged to see ourselves differently in order to step into an evolving humanity. My personal take on this is the human genome is changing and mutating into a new entity. (More on that at another time) Aquarius represents a higher octave of communication from the sign of Mercury. The signs of Gemini and Virgo work with communication on this earth plane. The energetic expression of Aquarius communicates multi-dimensionally.  In the Tarot deck, the STAR card represents this astrological sign as a light force radiating information and illumination out into the darkness. Aquarius represents our desire to communicate on a massive scale through radio, TV, film, satellites and the Internet.  Its symbol is the Water Bearer, the woman pouring forth the waters of a NEW LIFE.

Because Aquarius is an AIR sign (think mental thoughts), the water in this symbol is the wave energy going out into the world.  Aquarius’s glyph, two horizontal wavy lines, also has to do with fast-flowing currents of energy. The water is highly charged, inventive, electric energy. It cascades into society, either strengthening the pre-existing order or disrupting it.
Thus, this is the potent message of the eclipses that come forth on the Leo/Aquarius axis this year.  Eclipses happen 4-6 times a year, bringing sudden changes and turning points to our lives. If you’ve been sitting on the fence about an issue, the eclipse will knock you out and force you to face the facts. Truths and secrets will rise to the surface. Things that aren’t “meant to be” can be swept away without notice, leaving space for a better fit. Eclipses are like giant industrial vacuum cleaners.  They either suck away the messes, or clean up what’s gotten dusty and leave it shiny and new. Procrastinate if you must, but it’s best to find out when the eclipses are, so you deal with your issues in advance—before an eclipse deals them right back to you.
On August 18, 2016 the first in a series occurred with an Aquarius Lunar Eclipse.  This started a new cycle that occurs every 18.5 to 19 years within particular opposite signs, in match degrees along the lunar moon nodes. On January 27th/28th we experienced an Aquarius New Moon.  It was also, the Chinese Lunar New Year.  So new beginnings have been initiated to bring in a new paradigm. What we are witnessing thus far is chaos and upheaval as we see (in the United States) Trump upending the very foundation of the government. By February 10th we will start to see where the U.S. is headed as we experience the first eclipse in 2017: the Leo Lunar Eclipse.  Shall we see continued disruption and upheaval?  Well, yes, I suspect so.  But, there are forces working to establish a new world order, and my hope and vision is that the old order that is not serving all of humanity will fall apart and the new order will take its place. Everyone has the power to live a vision that sees the world, it communities, and its government serving everyone and everything.
So the Great Awakening is upon us, and it may take a while to see the end result. This eclipse cycle occurs two more times in 2017 on August 7th and August 21st to push this change agenda. And we all will play a part in this, especially if we hold a strong vision of a world we desire. The Leo/Aquarius axis represents the position of our own self-expression (creating our authentic and empowered place in the world – Leo) balanced with the place of one’s self within the global humanity (being true to our purpose as we bring value and healing to our communities – Aquarius)
On an individual and a personal level for those with strong fixed signs in your chart:  Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, you are the people who will consolidate all this turbulent energy into tangible positive work, projects, creations, and communities that support the new world order.  Taurus: you are the “stewards” of the world. You care for our “mother” and through this eclipse cycle will find an avenue to improve the environment that supports all of us (this can operate on many levels). Leo, your creative self-expression and authenticity will expand during this eclipse. You may even build a new platform or stage to carry forth your ideas.  Scorpio, the force and power of the eclipses and zodiacal energies is carrying you to new ways of being. You will feel the transformation on several levels of your life, (self, relationships, and career).  As Obi Wan states to Luke Skywalker: “May the force be with you”. That is the message for those of you with strong Scorpio energy in your charts.  Last, but not least, Aquarians…you will be challenged greatly to be the STAR and illuminate the dark corners of the world.  Shine your light on the inhumane forces, the unconscious people who are sleepwalking, and the unenlightened to awaken the world to the vision of a better reality. You can change and shift the collective consciousness. Go for it!!


Cathy Basen

For most of my adult life, I have worked as an educator. Now, semi-retired from public school administration, I work part time as an education consultant.  However, my passion for decades has been my work as a professional astrologer and intuitive advisor.  My love for dialoguing soul-to-soul with people has rewarded me with amazing conversations and discourse.  I feel I have supported countless persons over the years by interpreting their astrology natal chart and also, reading Tarot cards as both serve as tools and methods to provide deep insights into the soul.